Barry Levinson has worked in England and Israel since 1979 as a photographer, film-maker, editor,
scriptwriter and director. From 1993 till 2015 he worked for the Israel Broadcasting Authority.
He has produced independent films shown in Israel & film festivals in the USA.
He believes the secret to a good photo-shoot is the ability to make everyone relax.
Barry has covered major news, sports & light entertainment broadcasts
and has interviewed and worked with many varied and interesting people.
He feels lucky that he has been able to turn his life hobby of photography into a career.
Barry is married to Zipora and they live in the Moshava Gedera.

Barry Levinson

Frequently asked questions

Who is this meant for?

Everyone should take some time to either write or record their memoirs.
At least it could be in the form of a diary or you could even try to record yourself.
HerHIStory believes the best policy is ‘don’t wait till its too late’.
One never knows what the future holds and even though we are living longer, memories fade.
How I wish I had filmed my late father, RIP.
He died suddenly many years ago and its a shame I missed the chance to film his story.
Wouldn’t it be marvellous to see our ancestors talking.

It would be great to film parents or grandparents, aunts or uncles,
for everyone it would make a perfect and unique gift.
Anyone can leave a legacy for future generations.
HerHIStory can take the weight off your shoulders.


How does it work?

We have a preliminary discussion or you can complete a simple questionnaire.
We arrange a time to come to your home.
I set up lighting, attach a neck microphone to you and start filming the interview.
I use the latest quality equipment & use all my experience to make a professional film.
The interview can last a few hours so we usually take a break.
The raw footage is edited down and a few weeks later a professionally edited,
approximately 30-40 minute, broadcast quality digital film is produced.
The format supplied is the latest format available, hard drive, memory stick or Blu-ray dvd.
I also ensure there is a record kept online, on YouTube, for example.
Future generations will appreciate & cherish an enduring legacy.

How much does it cost?

To give a final quotation I need to take into consideration each project individually.
I am confident there is a package to suit every pocket.
I believe in offering a quality product and want to ensure you receive excellence.
I promise that my prices are not inflated & I am sure you will be surprised how reasonable they are.
You will see that the film HerHIStory produces for you is actually ‘priceless’.

In Israel please ring 0544 365662. Click here for all contact options.

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